Green Wellbeing. Transform Your Wellbeing with Matt Green

Personal Training, Healthy Eating & Massage

Matt Green (sought-after personal trainer, trained nutritionist & professional chef) brings you the three key areas of wellbeing, all in one service offering. What do you want to accomplish? Achieve more today with Green Wellbeing.

Offering personal training, healthy eating and massage, Matt Green aims to combine these key areas of wellbeing into one service to help individuals just like you. Matt Green helps clients achieve their goals within the world of fitness, food and health. Perhaps you have a goal in mind or maybe you are not sure what you want to achieve but know you want to make a healthy change. Whatever the reason, Green Wellbeing can help you identify, practice and accomplish your goals.

The blog on Green Wellbeing aims to bring you a range of topical content containing health hacks and lifestyle hints to help you along your journey. You can read more from the blog by clicking here.

To learn more about the different offerings from Green Wellbeing, please follow the links below. 

Personal Trainer Morden

Personal Training

Based near Morden and looking to push your fitness the next level?

Nutrition from Green Wellbeing


It is said that 70-80% of your fitness goals will rely on you eating correctly.

Massage from Green Wellbeing


From improving sleep to helping your posture, massage has several health benefits.