I offer a full range of massage therapy services from relaxation based through to deep tissue and sports massage.

With the use of portable massage tables, I can tailor the service to fit conveniently with you at a location you prefer. As a fully qualified Level 3 massage therapist, I could help you with an array of massage therapies. Including, sports massage, deep tissue massage, full body relaxation or Swedish message.


Sports Massage / Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages use direct and deep pressure to relieve pain and restore normal movement in still muscles. This form of massage aims to break down adhesions in the tissue by restoring healthy blood circulation.

Relaxing Full Body Massage

This massage will be more light in touch, starting at your toes and finishing with your fingertips. It also covers your legs, back, neck and arms. Before the session, please let me know if there is an area that is giving you a little discomfort and I can focus there to try and help resolve any aches or pains.

Swedish Massage

This is the most widely recognised of all massages. It can vary from a light to vigorous technique. Clinical studies report that Swedish massage can effectively reduce low back pain and improve ones mood considerably.