Looking for a personal trainer in Morden or the surrounding areas? Qualified in personal training, I can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to get fitter, lose weight or improve yourself competitively I am the personal trainer for you.

My name is Matt Green and I am a personal trainer in Morden, in the in the London Borough of Merton. I am a sought after personal trainer and can tailor our sessions to fit any requirements.  

Before we start, we will carry out a small assessment before the first session. Not only is this important to help us work together to achieve your goals but it will also be an opportunity to complete a small medical questionnaire. 

Most of my personal training sessions take place in the outdoors. This gives us full flexibility when scheduling sessions. We can train at your house, garden or even local park. Below you can find an overview of the different sessions I can offer…

Price: £40 per hour

Functional Training

Functional training can be designed to help you perform your daily actives more efficiently with a reduced chance of injuries. These sessions engage core muscles such as the Transverse Abdominal and Multifidus. This training uses your own bodyweight to perform push-ups, planks and crunches. 

HIT (High Intensity Training)

This type of training can be very effective but your heart rate does have to reach a specific level, very quickly. It is vital that you give 100% effort through short bursts to achieve this. We start the session by stretching all the leg muscles properly and then a gentle jog to warm up. As an example of a session, this would then be followed by a 15 second sprint, followed straight away with a slow walk for around 30 seconds and then followed by another 15 second sprint. This process would usually be repeated 5-10 times.

Strength Training

An easy way of strength training is to do bodyweight exercises. This is where you use your own bodyweight and carry out push-ups, plank, squats, lunges etc.

Strength training makes you stronger, protects bone health and will slowly increase some muscle growth. 

Cardiovascular work

Cardio work consists of active movements such as jumping, running, swimming, cycling etc. Anything that increases our heart rate. The more we move, the better the heart becomes at pumping blood around the body. Tailoring a healthy diet combined with regular physical exercise should reward you with some weight loss.

Running preparation for 5k to Marathon

Running is still one of the best ways to exercise. It allows us to fell good about ourselves and increase blood flow. It can also help up to sleep better. The benefit of running is it is something you can do anywhere, when you want and to what extent depending on your level. 

I have personally ran in the London Marathon, Barcelona Marathon, 9 x Half Marathons and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about starting to give it a go.

Core Training

Core strength is so important for people with balance issues right through to people who play sport. If you strengthen these groups of muscles, it can help relieve back pain, plus any problems you might have with the pelvis. 

The main core exercise that people are aware of it ‘the plank’. There are many variations and also there are many other core exercises to learn and perfect. The ‘dead bug’ and ‘medicine ball stir the pot’ are also very effective.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Morden then contact me today!