Porridge you gotta love it

Why is porridge so important ? The soluble fibre of Oatmeal forms a gel in the stomach, delaying emptying and making one feel full for a longer period. It also releases energy bit by bit into the body during those first few hours of Breakfast.

A Quick word about Diets

Anyone can lose weight in the short term on nearly any diet. But , diets don’t work in the long term – almost by definition, because people go on and off them. We don’t need a diet ; we need a new way of eating that we can comfortably stick with throughout our lives.

Get out and about in Morden

Hi my name is Matt Green and I am a Personal Fitness Trainer based in Morden . I am lucky to live just 2 mins away from Morden Hall Park which is a National Trust treasure, and  right on our doorsteps. It is perfect for Running and training .  You can run towards Merton Abbey […]